June 2nd – 5th, 2011 Eries Shores KC + Samoyed Club of Ontario Specialty and Booster

June 2nd/11 – j. Carol Graham, “Bon Bon” (MBIS MBISS Am.Can.Ch. Selene of Innwangsan Kr) BOB, Group 4

June 3rd/11 – j. Rafael Alcrudo, “Bon Bon” BOB and Group4 under j. Patricia Mowbray Morgan

June 4th/11 SCO Specialty – Sweeps judge Mr. Dave Hudson.  Best In Sweeps “Stan” (Vanderbilt’s Stand By Me – Yani x Mia), BOS in Sweeps “Mimi” (Vanderbilt’s Me Me Me – Yani x Mia).  Regular classes judge Ms. Patricia Mowbray Morgan. RWD “Stan”.  WB/BW/BP (3 pts) “Mimi”.  BISS “Bon Bon”.

June 4th/11 All Breed show/SCO Booster – j. Mr. Bart Miller.  WD (2 pts) “McQueen” (Vanderbilt’s King Of Cool – Fonzie x Lacey).  WB/BW/BPIG (3 pts) “Mimi”.  RWB “Soave” (Vanderbilt’s April Wine (Jasper x Tenny) (co-owner Margaret Gillies).  BOB “Bon Bon”.  “Mimi” went on to take BPIS under j. Mr. Rafael Alcrudo.

June 5th/11 – j. Rita Biddle.  RWD “McQueen”.  WB/BW (3 pts) “Soave”.  BOB/Grp 3 “Bon Bon”.  BPIB/G “Mimi”.

"Stan" winning Best in Specialty Sweepstakes under j. Dave Hudson

"Mimi" winning WB/BW/BP and the Deberlac Cup at SCO under j. Ms. Patricia Mowbray Morgan

"Mimi" winning BPIS at all breed show under j. Mr. Rafael Alcrudo

"Bon Bon" winning BISS at SCO Specialty under j. Ms. Patricia Mowbray Morgan.

"Soave" winning WB/BW (3 pts) under j. Rita Biddle

Enjoying the after specialty luncheon. Thanks to Merrilee and Andrew for providing your trailer awning for protection from the elements!


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