Minuteman Samoyed Club Results

With apologies for no recent updates, we are now attempting to catch up!  Please let us know if we’ve left anyone out!  On to the most recent news:

Minuteman Samoyed Club Specialty March 20th:

Best in Sweepstakes: Vanderbilt’s Secret Weapon O’White Magic – Stroker x Secret; (co-bred Elford/Collier), judge Mr. Robin Stansell

WB/BW (5 pts) White Magic’s Rain Dance  – Nanook x Rain; (co-bred Collier/Elford), owners Melissa Figuenick & Carrie Parma-Collier, judge Ms. Kimberley Meredith Cavanna

Minuteman Samoyed Club Supported Entry March 21st:

Best in Sweepstakes: Vanderbilt’s Joe Cool son, Cot’n Pic’n Maker’s Mark,(co-breeders Marge Goodenough/Lynette Blue); judge Ms. Cindy Stansell

WD (4 pts): Echo’s Clearly Cabaka – Yacker x Dasani; breeders Jan Warner/Linda Kitzman; owners Judi Elford/Gitte Morell; judge Dr. Kenneth Doeg

"Yani" pictured winning WD for a 4 pt major at the Minuteman Samoyed Club's supported entry under j. Dr. Kenneth Doeg

WB/BW (4 pts): Inn Wang San E-Fabiana of Pole Jumper – Heero x Escada; breeder Eui-Beom Son; owners Eui-Beom Son & Judi Elford; judge Dr. Kenneth Doeg

"Ssack Ssack" at her first weekend in the USA winning a 4 point WB/BOW at Minuteman Samoyed Club's supported entry under judge Dr. Kenneth Doeg


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