Playing catch up!!

It has been a REALLY busy month, so we’re going to try to do a summary below of what’s been going on.  If we’ve left anyone out – please feel free to jog our memory by emailing us.

Sept. 25th, Burlington KC – Bingo BB and McQueen WD for 1 pt under j. D. Cornelsen

Sept. 26th, Burlington KC – Bingo BB/Group 3 under j. Mark Houston-Macmillan

Oct. 6th-10th, Samoyed Club of America National, Indianapolis, IN

BREEZE: Vanderbilt’s Cool Breeze (Fonzie x Mia) – 3rd in 6-9 mos Sweeps class, 2nd in regular class

UZI: Cabaka’s Miss Uzi of Playhard (Hardy x Yunna) – 4th in 15+ mos Sweeps class

JAGGER: Vanderbilt’s Shine A Light (Yacker x Celine) – 1st in 12-18 regular class

BINGO: Vanderbilt’s Let The Games Begin (Yacker x Ultima) – 3rd in Open dog class

NEWMAN: Dushanbe’s Man Of My Dreams (Manny x Tenny) – co-bred with owner Linda Johnson – 4th in 6-9 Sweeps and 3rd in Regular classes.

Plus congrats to the many Felix kids with class wins and placements: “Roxanna” 2nd Open bitch; “Kit’n” 1st 9-12 Regular classes and 1st in Sweeps class and BEST IN SWEEPS!; “Daisy” 2nd in 9-12 Sweeps and Regular classes; “Duke” 4th in 9-12 Regular class and Sweeps class; “Dan” 1st in 9-12 Sweeps class. Congrats to Ch. Cabaka’s Gina of Rock Star (Morell/Vincze) on 1st in Brood Bitch class with her Felix kids.


"Breeze" @ 6 months old. Photo Andrea Eicher.


"Uzi". Photo credit Andrea Eicher.


"Jagger" in 12-18 month class. Handled by Gitte Morell. Photo credit Andrea Eicher.


"Bingo" in Open Dog class. Photo Credit Andrea Eicher.


Kit'n in 9-12 months class with breeder/owner/handler Lynette Blue.


"Newman" at 6 months with co-breeder/owner/handler Linda Johnson

Oct. 10th, Wine Country KC – Hardy x Vanity son “Sarge” (Vanderbilt’s Sargeant Pepper) wins WD for 2 pts under j. Everett Dean.  Owner handled by Ted Barrett.

Oct. 16/17/18th, Tilsonburg, ON – London Canine Assoc. – Bingo Group 2 under James Reynolds; Group 4 under Thora Brown; Group 4 under Elaine Whitney

Oct. 24/25th, Belleville, ON – Belleville KC – Bingo Group 4 under Patricia Nemirovsky; Group 2 under Michael Gelinas


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  1. Inge
    Oct 31, 2009 @ 10:43:30

    stunning dogs!! we have one from Cabaka after Rain!!
    She is soooo cute.

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