QOTM: A thought for August

We get lots of emails complimenting us on the new way we report news, but lamenting over the loss of our monthly quotations.  So we’re throwing one out there, and will try to keep them coming on a semi regular basis.  Look for QOTM (Quote of the Month) titles/category.  Enjoy!

“Success Brings out the Weirdos. When you become more visible in your company, publicly or even in your family, weird things can happen. It’s like the old story of the crabs in the pot – whenever one crab almost reaches the top of the pot and newfound freedom, the other crabs pull him back in to die. Expect opportunities to arise, communications to increase and watch out for people who want to use you or ride your coattails. You will need some trusted advisors to put together a system to discern your good opportunities and weed out the dream stealers.” – Stephanie Frank


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