Two New Can.Ch’s at Orangeville KC, “Storm Cat” & “Uzi”

On only the second weekend out for both, our handsome Felix x Dilana boy “Storm Cat” and gorgeous new Hardy x Yunna puppy bitch “Uzi”, finish their Can.Ch’s titles in style.  “Storm Cat” was WD/BW/BB and cut in group; WD/BW/BB; and WD over the 3 days respectively for 2+2+1 pts.  “Uzi” was WB/BPIG/BPIS; WB; and WB/BW/BB/Group 4/BPIG respectively for 1+2+4 pts.  Thank you to breed/group judges Fred Gordon, Donna Cole and Edgar Bajona, and to BPIS judge Frederick Dewsbury.  Storm Cat was co-bred by John & Kelli Pitino and Blair and Judi Elford.  Uzi was bred by Gitte Morell and Kim Jensen.  Thank you to both breeders for these wonderful Sams!  Photo of Storm Cat “in his element”, as well as Uzi’s BPIS below.


Storm Cat @ 16 mos

Storm Cat @ 16 mos


Uzi BPIS at 10 mos

Uzi BPIS at 10 mos


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